domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2008

Barcelona´s Architectonical physiognomy

It’s Saturday, 10 in the morning, I have slept like a log. I’m concern that I have slept enough but I resist a little yet raising the eyelids. Brad Pitt, my gaudy yellow canary, its singing hysterically. That means that the Sun has decided to bright with absolutely resolution and without any doubt this starting day. Playing with my laziness, I decide to open the eyes and start to stretch my muscles. Just lying on my bed, watching carefully my room: family and friend’s pictures…I stop on one photo of my little sister Tere disguised as a classic dancer, I love that photo, she looks so sweety and funny. My heart always shakes when I watch it and I think of her. I look over the books and magazines on my library, all them are a summery of the passions that I have: poetry, arts, design, architecture, anthropology, philosophy and a large etc. I stretch again my muscles and crouch my body under the feather bedspread. It’s cold outside the bed and my body shivers with good vibrations, I feel happy and I start to make my day plan: the first idea that comes to my head is: I will go to run. I get so excited. I jump from by bed with that idea chasing my head. I raise the curtains and open the terrace door, what a gorgeous day! I need to inject some caffeine in my body in order to clear my mind at all. In the meantime the coffee comes out from the coffee machine I wash my face with cold water and go to feed Brad Pitt. He is so excited too. I refill his little swimming pool also with very cold water. I get an extra large cup of coffee and set on his site to have breakfast with him. He starts to jump crazy from one side to another inside his modest bird cage, drinks and at last decide to make his morning ritual bath. It’s so funny how he get inside the water and shake all his little body feathers. He last with the front hair in point like a real Punk.

I dressed up with shorts, a t-shirt, my favourite grey Abercrombie hood jersey, white socks and the Acsis sneakers. I tidy up a little my room and I go out home. The stairs seems that burns under my feeds, I’m jumping the stairs down to take the car. On my way to la “Carretera de las Aguas” the modernists’ buildings look proud superbly under the soft Mediterranean light. People in the street are delight with that sensation of relax and “buen rollo” as Spanish people said, that means like “good vibrations”.

Before I start to run I make some stretching, I put on my ears the headphones and switch on the radio on 105.7 Flaix Fm station where I can hear the latest and best Dance music. My heart starts to beat hardly. The soil is wet and it’s some mud. The wind shakes vigorously the trees and a curtain of yellow mellow leafs falls forming a thick and elegant autumn carpet. I breathe deeply and slowly in order to take a good cardiac rhythm. After 100 metres the spectacle starts: the Barcelona skyline under the magnificent heaven with the Mediterranean Sea at the back. Here you can appreciate a splendid architectonical physiognomy of the city: The organic Gaudí´s Sagrada Familia is like some terrific mountains or trees in the middle of the city, it looks like something made by the nature. The sensuality of the Acbar tower made by Jean Nouvel, The Palau Sant Jordi made by Arata Izozaky for the Olimpic Games in 1992 marked a before and an after with the Calatrava antenna like a sculpture on the Montjuic skirt and the Norman Foster´s Torre de Collserola just in front of me among other important and iconic buildings. I keep running; I cross with many different people: old couples, young groups in bicycle and families with their children. All are very different and genuine. The old people use to smile to me, like enjoying watching me running plenty of energy. I also enjoy with some old men that are also running, I admire them, in some way they are younger than me because they keep their spirit young although having an absolute white and shinny hair! They are heroes for me. After one and a half kilometre I arrived to the first viewpoint. I realised in a strange new building rising just on the shore of the sea…What the hell is that? Oh my god! I cannot understand why the government or whatever is responsible allows building a thing like this like this destroying the natural environment and landscape just in the middle of the sea line. For God’s sake, this is not Dubai! This is Barcelona, the architectonical history of this City has a great personality and it’s enough peculiar to worth a respect for the whole perspective. In Barcelona the architectonical physiognomy doesn’t needs showy or eccentric things. The city has a deep modernist footprint perfectly compatible with the new forms, materials and concepts. The buildings that characterize this Mediterranean city have a singular and peculiar elegance without eccentricities. Here the buildings doesn´t treat to show anything, contrary are discrete.

Whatever, I keep running overcoming my scare with more energy and faster. The sweat starts to fall through my neck and temples; I stop once on a fountain to refresh my head and neck. I can hear my heart beating strongly. I start to fly with my imagination over the city, I reach the sea and touch the salt water with the finger tips. Thank you Barcelona, I love you, with your imperfections and oppositions, with your multiculturalism, with your troubles but please, just keep your essence, be discrete, you don’t need to do eccentric things, just don’t betray yourself.

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